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Osteopaths understand the body as a whole, how it works, what can go wrong and how to help the body resolve it. Treatment is a gentle, specific and effective form of manual therapy, based on sound medical and osteopathic knowledge.



Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine used by over 200 million people worldwide to treat both acute and chronic conditions, addressing the symptoms as well as the unique individual.



Martien and Leo are both qualified mentors for the Enhances Awareness Program, a powerful transformational process, which is a very effective option for people to make significant, sustainable changes they want to see in their lives.



Koru Clinic is a representative for Miessence Products. These quality natural organic products have been used by our family over the last 15 yrs and fit with our philosophy of health, sustainabily and natural wellbeing. You can buy from them directly through our website.

Martien and Leo are both very competent in their fields, each with an abundance of knowledge. They are highly qualified, professional, trustworthy, caring and will go the extra mile if necessary.
— Maria Svensen, Howick

Join one of our work shops

EAP workshops

Available for health professionals, parents, men, women, teenagers and individuals. Please email us to enquire.

Homeopathic workshops

Teach first aid and acute prescibing for the whole family, using a comprehensive kit available from Koru Clinic. Please email us to enquire.