Thanks for your help, it worked like magic!
— Sam | Dad of 2

Magic hands, incredible with children

Sarah | Mum of 5

Amazing results for mother & children

“I first saw Martien when I was pregnant and had a bad back. She made me feel at ease and treated me with respect. Because of this I was more than happy to have her treat my newborn baby, to help him post-birth and also after immunisations. My 6 year old daughter also saw her to help with some anxiety issues and the results where amazing. I saw such a noticeable difference in both my children after sessions with Martien. Thank you so much, I am continually amazed at what Martien can treat and the benefits that we have experienced”.

Lynne Mother of 3

Gentle & effective Osteopathy

Martien has helped me immensely with her Osteopathic practice. The goal is to improve in the long-term, not just surviving until the next appointment. Gentle, but effective, her style of practice is different and I value her approach to wellbeing.

Rochelle | Naturopath

Cranial Osteopathy has been fabulous for both my babies - now big kids. Something worthwhile in those first precious weeks to get things off to a good start.
— Rachel


Long term treatment of a family

“I have known Leo for over 30 years and have met him in a variety of health care and healing settings. As long as I can remember Leo has had a passion and affinity for Homeopathy both it’s philosophy and practice. I have been very grateful to have Leo to come to on numerous occasions for homeopathic treatment for myself and my family and have also referred numerous friends who have benefited from his expertise. Leo has an uncanny ability to listen to and care for his patients. One always feels understood and in good hands. One of many successful treatments I recall was for my mother who had moved into a retirement village and continued to be restless and distraught in her new situation. Leo was able to find a series of remedies which helped mum enormously to find a more peaceful outlook and also to find a new sense of calm free of anxiety that she has suffered with throughout her life.
I am so grateful to Leo for his wisdom and commitment to the power of Healing with Homeopathy.”

Jane Hoffmann Davies | Integrative counsellor/mentor

Medical conditions

“My GP had recommended homeopathy and Leo in particular as a potential remedy for a hydrocele my baby had. We met with Leo and he prescribed a homeopathic remedy for this issue after talking with me about my baby. Within 24 hours the swelling had eased and within 48 hours it had totally gone. It felt good having my baby treated with a natural, non- invasive medicine. I would certainly see Leo again in the future should the need arise!”


Our specialist had told us surgery was our only option to treat our 3 year old son’s condition – 3 visits to homeopath Leo Hommel solved the problem.  We are amazed and are feeling grateful.  Thank you Leo, avoiding surgery means a lot to us!
— Iris | Mum & business woman

Temper tantrums

“Firstly I would like to thank you for your help with my daughter and finding the right remedy for her. The results are nothing short of remarkable. Over the past week she has had her fair share of her usual extreme temper reactions to 'situations that don’t sit well with her, but instead of her reactions snowballing into full blown meltdowns she drops it after not much arguing or tears, and to our complete amazement instead of situations escalating like they used to she storms off to bed and curls up and asks everyone to go away and goes to sleep! Also across the board she seems to cope with everything soooo much better. I still can’t quite believe it, so thought I better let Leo know of these results  and they aren’t wearing off either which is what really blows me away!!! Many thanks again for your help with my daughter.”


Fears and anxiety

“My daughter struggled with fears of major world catastrophe and anxiety about the unknown. It would keep her awake at night, give her nightmares and make it difficult for her to be apart from us. Leo listened so kindly, respectfully and thoughtfully to my daughter and myself about the issues. He worked hard to find the big picture of her issues. His treatment worked wonders for my daughter. Night times are now a breeze and everyone is so much happier getting a good night’s sleep and not carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Leo’s professional and knowledgeable service worked wonders. I would definitely recommend seeing Leo about any anxieties your child may have.”

M.C. | Mum

Leo is a wonderful listener. He asks very thoughtful questions and always allows lots of time and space for my answers. I feel confident in his choice of remedy as I know I have been truly heard and all my symptoms responded to. As a therapist myself I know how important this is. I have also recommended him to my clients, and all have had very positive outcomes.
— Lynne | Therapist

Dealing with Eczema

“I attended the Koru Clinic to see Homeopath Leo Hommel with my 3 1/2 year old son who suffers from eczema. Leo took a thorough case history, including birth history, previous illnesses, antibiotics taken, as well as past medical history of the family.  He also, asked questions about my son's personality and emotional disposition. Leo also observed him while he played.

The remedy Leo chose after considering my son's case arrived in the post shortly after our session. Leo had discussed with me the possible reactions my son might have to the remedy including diarrhoea and a flare up of the eczema. Almost immediately after starting the remedy my son's stools became markedly more frequent and looser than normal. And on day 3 of the 5 day course the eczema became worse for a 12-24 hour period.

Changes to my son's diet, which we began a month or so before seeing Leo, had already calmed his eczema down a lot. By the time of our appointment the eczema had seemed to reach a plateau, getting no better but no worse. After the prescribed course of homeopathic medicine there was a noticeable improvement in my son's eczema, the back of his legs were (and continue to be) smooth to touch for the first time since I can remember. Only some of the redness still remains. I also observed that my son seemed to become quite settled and happy in himself after taking the homeopathics, as if more balanced and "happy in his own skin" than before.”

K.L. | Osteopath

Back on track

“I have attended workshops, taken Bach essences, herbs, meditated, read books listened to speakers. All of these helped me over the years, but I was still not experiencing the depth of calm and peace I now do. I came to a very bad space, which had been building for years, all the emotions I had buried over the years had surfaced at once. I couldn’t socialise, mix with friends, I was very negative, insular, anxious and I could see nothing to be happy about.  

I kept trying to think who could help me.  I had never been to a homeopath and had always looked for female practitioners. But having met Leo, I knew him to be professional, non-judgmental, a listener and totally passionate about homeopathy. I had 2 sessions with Leo.   Four months on I have found I am unfolding as the person I wanted to be, without any effort from me.  My sessions have helped my marriage, my husband is amazed at the changes and has said I am a different person, back to how I was years ago.  I am surprising myself in social situations and am feeling so much more at peace and relaxed. I don’t “sweat the small stuff” anymore and I am laughing again - which is how I know Leo’s ministrations have worked for me. 

For what can be life-altering changes that come about, in this day and age Leo is very cost effective. I am very grateful to have had you to turn to.”

Maria | Auckland

I was very impressed as Leo was able to give me a remedy that healed a very persistent lower back problem. I had been to several other therapists, but the problem persisted. Even though Leo hadn’t come across a problem like mine before he was willing to spend time researching it and found the perfect remedy. That was over 18 months ago, and the problem hasn’t returned.
— Mark, Yoga Teacher and Therapist

Resolving old trauma

My 14 year old daughter had been affected by trauma that happened to her when she was a toddler and I could see that she carried it with her but couldn't convince her to attend any type of counselling or therapy. She was becoming quite an anxious and sad person which was very hard to watch. She felt comfortable talking with Leo about what was going on for her and I felt that Leo was able to really see and hear her. He seemed to understand who she was and what she needed. The homeopathic remedies Leo prescribed were perfect and worked beautifully, restoring my daughter to herself, which is just amazing to see. She is calmer and happy now, able to face the challenges of life. I just wish I had found Leo years ago and highly recommend him to everyone.

J.C. | Mum


EAP mentoring:

Learning acceptance

“Before EAP, I was struggling with stress and anxiety, I was having trouble sleeping and I was experiencing moderate to severe eczema all over. Life was very difficult and I didn’t feel like I was reacting well or coping well with the pressures I was faced with. Nothing I had tried was helping and I had tried a lot of resources from conventional medical treatments to various holistic therapies and counselling.

Life has changed a great deal. I am sleeping much better, I am coping better and that constant feeling of anxiety in my stomach has gone. It’s very freeing. My skin has improved a great deal too, it does still give me some trouble but I feel like it is constantly improving. My mind is more peaceful and I feel more aware of my emotions and health. I am kinder to myself and more patient - I give myself the time I need to heal and relax. I think a kindness is even perceived by others around me and reflected back to me. I am much happier both in my skin and in my environment.

Being able to talk freely and regularly with Leo was really very enjoyable. He is a fantastic listener and is able to thoroughly understand me and offer advice / thoughts which were always valuable. He creates an environment where is it easy to talk and to share feelings which is very unique and very relaxed. Strategically working through the issues I was having as part of the course was very eye-opening. I was able to make sense of many things that had confused me for years. I learned many, many things about myself during the process.

The skills you learn by completing the course will be useful over your whole life. Every day, parts of the course will come back to me and I am reminded of the importance of my awareness and how to apply my own learnings to whatever is happening in my life at that moment. It really helps you work through issues yourself and make sense of them in a way that is personal and logical. It is an amazing learning process and so valuable in getting to the root of the issues you are facing rather than simply treating the symptom which is the failing in my mind of many of the modern conventional systems.

You learn to accept yourself, to like yourself and to be kind to yourself and this is a life changing lesson.”

C.D. | Urban Designer

I was at a hiatus with my clinical work, I loved my work but was close to burn out. Martien encouraged me to look at EAP and I am so glad she did. The EAP process has highlighted elements of my story which were inhibiting my ability to fully enjoy my personal and professional life. Understanding my story and having the tools to make changes has made me so much happier and healthier.
— An osteopath's experience

The power of understanding

Understanding my story has helped me to recognise when I am triggered and why seemingly unrelated events have such a strong impact on me. Understanding my strengths and weaknesses has lead me to a job which celebrates those strengths. Understanding my values has allowed me to effortlessly prioritise the things that bring me joy.

Rather than changing your ‘to-do-list’, look at your beliefs, appreciate your strengths and weaknesses and spend time doing what you value.

Rochelle | Clinic Manager