We all face challenges in life. Turbulent relationships, financial stress, exhaustion, negative self-talk, weight issues or health concerns, just to name a few. During these workshops you will identify where you are at in life, explore what a more self-loving reality would look like, discover the key to why you are the way you are, and you will learn a five step process that will help you achieve the life you want.

PARTICIPANTS: 1 - 8 | COST: Varies | DURATION: Varies

Reprogramming our Subconscious

In one sentence, to live mindfully is to not live habitually. Mindfulness experts like Dr Joe Dispenza and Dr Bruce Lipton have been quoted as saying that research shows on average, most people live their lives subconsciously 95% of the time and typically only 30% of that is useful. Just imagine how your life could be turning out if you retrained your non beneficial, subconscious tendencies to be more beneficial. Imagine if you could learn to replace negative thought patterns and behaviours with more positive and self-loving thoughts and behaviours. Imagine how much less stress, worry, burnout and anxiety there could be.

How to create Sustainable Change

Change is about doing something differently. But in order to do something differently you first have to be clear about what you are currently doing and why it’s not working for you, and then imagine how you would like it to be instead. Sustainable change is achieved when you understand WHY you are making the choices in the first place. During the Pathways to Mindfulness Workshops you will explore two core topics: 

1. ‘Your Story’, which is the filter through which we see ourselves and inspires how you see the world. This unconscious habitual way of operating is formed in the first seven years of your life and is the reason WHY you react and emote to your experiences the way you do. 

2. Our five step process for achieving a life you love - free from the symptoms of your story

About the Workshops

Many of the Pathways to Mindfulness workshops focus on role specific groups. For example, health professionals, teachers, yoga instructors, people in business, men, mothers or couples (the role of a partner). Other workshops have been designed to focus on generational demographics such as young people or retiree’s. 

Each of the Pathways to Mindfulness Workshops use the same foundational program, so regardless of which one you attend, you will ultimately learn the same principles. Having a focal topic such as a career as a health professional or the role of a mother, helps to channel the discussion to how the learnings can be applied in situations relative to the group. Focal topics help to create a sense of similarity and connection within the group, helping people to be more inspired to share and take part because the discussion remains relative to them.

Because we know we will never be able to account for all of the role specific groups or generational demographics, the work is also presented as a general workshop, where anyone, of any background and age can attend.

The Content

Session 1 - Understanding awareness, mindfulness and consciousness. 
Session 2 - Be honest about how you are currently experiencing and engaging life. 
Session 3 - Your Story - Part 1: Identify the core belief you hold about your worth / value that is selling you short. 
Session 4 - Your Story - Part 2: Acknowledge the gifts of your story. 
Session 5 - Identify the symptoms of your story. 
Session 6 - Create a clear vision of how you want to experience life. 
Session 7 - Develop a strategy to bridge the gap between your current and preferred life experiences.
Session 8 - Reinforce how mindfulness is the key to living a life with better outcomes. 

Maintaining Mindfulness - Each participant receives a journal, complete with 56 days of reflection activities.


Participants constantly report the following benefits of enhancing their awareness and living mindfully:

  • Generally happier across all areas of their life

  • Restored love and connection in relationship that have been turbulent or broken for a long time

  • Able to communicate with more clarity and confidence

  • More freedom to be themselves and spend less time of what others think of them

  • Less demanding of themselves and others, finding that they are no more productive or effective

  • Take time to listen to themselves and prioritise looking after their needs just as much as others

  • Take the time to really listen to others, less consumed by their own thoughts and feelings

  • Not as emotionally reactive, but instead able to take time to respond

  • Experience less frustration, anxiety and anger

  • Feel less exhausted

  • More motivated to engage in life

  • Clarity of purpose and confidence to manifest life direction 

  • Consume less alcohol and drugs

  • Improved financial situations

  • Improved sleep and ability to choose to be peaceful

  • More committed to taking care of their health and wellbeing and improved health and wellbeing

  • Less dependent on the approval of others as they start to develop a deeper sense of self-worth

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It was a great, well-structured program. Taking us through how to become more mindful in a step by step way. Can’t wait to play around with the material and see the results. Well worth doing as it is a gentle way of lasting transformation.
— C.B. | Businessman

Homeopathy: Short Course in First Aid

Acute Prescribing Homeopathic Remedies for Babies and the Family

Covering common conditions like indigestion (cramping/colic, diarrhoea, reflux), respiratory, teething and ear problems, fevers, stings / bites, bumps, bruises and much more.

This course will provide you with the basics of being able to prescribe confidently in acute situations for your child. You will be provided with a therapeutic index of these ailments with the various recommended remedies. You will learn to differentiate between different remedies for the same ailment. Homeopathy is all about matching the remedy to the symptoms of each individual illness. Homeopathy is a safe, natural and effective way to help your child with normal accidents and common illnesses of childhood.

Courses generally are from 10am – 1pm at Koru Clinic
Morning tea and coffee will be provided. Course limited to 6 people.
Cost $85

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My son and I attended Leo’s baby homeopathic class in his Koru Clinic in Titirangi and it was great. It lasted 3 hours and he covered the basics of homeopathy and its use for babies. He handed out a booklet that covers common sicknesses (i.e. rash, colds etc.) in babies and recommended remedies. Leo described in detail the deciding factors in choosing the correct remedy in cases where multiple remedies could be used to treat an illness. I really enjoyed the class and the morning tea was tasty as well ☺. It was also great that we were allowed to bring the babies to the class. I can highly recommend the session!
— A.K. - Auckland