Awareness, Mindfulness and Wellness Mentoring

We use the Enhances Awareness Program (EAP) as well as our training as health professionals to guide people through a systematic structure designed to help people bring about change they want to see in their lives and have it be sustainable. By becoming aware of what is causing our fears, exhaustion, stress and judgements, we are able to manage life with more happiness, health, clarity and purpose.

How does it work?

Our clients consistently report the following benefits from completing the EAP: Being more consistently happy; more engaged and fulfilled in life; more freedom to express their authentic self; improved health; less addictive behaviour; increased abundance; more clarity and purpose. 

EAP is not counselling or coaching but a mentoring program that acknowledges the past but focusses on where you are now and how to move forward from here. We have a number of options available to fit your needs and budget:

1 on 1 Full Program
You will be guided through a structured weekly program that takes a minimum of 6 months and up to a year. The sustained nature of the program is what makes it so effective in getting the changes in habits, thinking, behaviour and neural pathways.

1 on 1 Short Program (12 weeks)

Pathways to Mindfulness Workshops (Group programme up to 8 people) 
Specific group program for: Health professionals, Men, Women, Parents, Young People

90 minute Introductory Sessions
We offer introductory sessions to allow you to see what the program is all about. This 90 minute one on one session is often very powerful in itself. A key insight can make pennies drop and open the door for change. How you decide to continue your journey is completely up to you, we can discuss the various options and there is no pressure to commit. It is important you begin this journey when you are ready and inspired to do so.


Is the programme suitable for you?

This program is designed for anyone, who wants to improve the quality of their life. However, most people are usually motivated to participate as they can relate to one or more of these situations:

1. Compromised health and wellbeing. Chronic conditions which cause pain and ill health are often caused by a prolonged stress response. In order to help the body to heal, we need to understand where our stress response comes from and to be empowered to manage our reactions. The body is a manifestation of consciousness! 

2. You are committed to ongoing personal growth and are looking for something new and innovative

3. You have done a lot of self-development or spiritual work but still struggle to maintain the changes or inner-peace

4. You have come to a cross-road in your life and are uncertain about how to move forward

5. You are experiencing a general feeling of discontent or wanting more out of life or more specifically:

  • unhappiness in relationships

  • lack of fulfilment in your career

  • low self-esteem and confidence

  • lack of direction or an absence of purpose

The Enhances Awareness Program not only makes a profound difference to the participant in the program, but also the lives of those you are in relationship with.

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Most of the filters for how we see life as an adult have been programmed into our subconscious by the time we are about seven years of age. Through our familial and societal experiences, we develop a story about how we need to turn up in the world in order to be accepted. As a result, most of us reach adulthood imprisoned by these beliefs we developed during those formative years. We refer to this core belief as the ‘story’, it becomes the foundation to the filters that we place on our life experience. It is how we see our world and how we react to it. When we are aware of how our story/ filter is affecting us and when we can observe our reactions, it gives us the ability to choose consciously how we want to be. This is incredibly liberating and life changing!



Through  the  guidance  of  this  structured  awareness  program  and  your  personal  mentor, you  are  providing yourself with an opportunity to become more aware of your values and more conscious of how you think, act and feel. You will identify your story and gain the ability to observe how it plays out in your life and make more self-loving choices as opposed to being limited by your habitual ways of operating and reacting. Our clients also consistently report the following benefits from participating in the program:

  • A more consistent state of happiness.

  • Feeling more engaged and fulfilled in life.

  • More freedom to express their authentic self.

  • Improved health and increased abundance.

  • Less exhausted, allowing them to be focused and productive, creating what is important to them.

  • More clarity of purpose and how to express it in their life

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How the full Program works

Each person works one-on-one with a Mentor to guide them through the step-by-step, easy-to-follow process. The  program  is made up of three units, each unit taking approximately 12 - 16 weeks to complete.They are:

 1. Being Aware | 2. Being Strategic | 3. Being Mindful

Each week you will attend a 1 hour session with your mentor either in person or via Skype or phone call. At the end of each session your mentor will inform you of the activity that will need to be completed before you get together for your next session.

Get in touch to find out more or secure a space in our next workshop:


I have known Martien as a therapist for 13 years. The whole family benefitted from her healing touch as an osteopath. Then she discovered EAP. What a transformation! I could feel the shift in this wonderful woman and how much she had grown as a healer and human (having done this work). So after a turbulent time I signed up for EAP. It decluttered my mind and life! It is so valuable to work deeply with a mentor and look at the aspects of self we often shy away from. I can’t wait to do the next phase EAP 2 with either Leo or Martien
— Sarah